This year it is the 140 years anniversary of the Poulsen Rose family, and it is the 45 years of rosebreeding for Pernille and I.

A great many years ago we started breeding roses for more winter hardiness and healthiness. Back in 1976 we gave birth to one of our most hardy and healthy roses 'Egeskov'who was introduced in 1981. 'Egeskov' also known as 'Lill Linfors' or 'Rosehill' was one of our first floribunda roses. It is widely planted in Scandinavia ! It is the base of the Mother line of the unique rose we are about to see.

In 1978 we saw the seedling of 'Ingrid Bergman', probably the most popular red Hybrid Tee ever in modern rose history. It was introduced in 1986. The base of the Father lines that gave the genes to a great rose.

Both mother & farther line is later combined in crossings with many of our great Renaissance roses who all have a Devine perfume.

So hopefully this new rose who is to be launched will show all of the good Poulsen genetics and in one unique rose launched for this special event !

Pernille name this rose with these words : I baptize this rose THE FAIRY TALE ROSE it is a gift from Poulsen Roser to all rosarians world wide !

Naming of 'The Fairy Tale Rose' in connection with the WFR Congresse in Denmark taken place at the Town Hall in Copengagen Friday the 29th June 2018


Elaine Paige#TM#

Hybrid Tea POULSEN#R#

Awarded as BESTofROSE in 2022. Awarded as BESTofROSE in 2022.
Best of Roses, Rosenblog & Rosarium

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National Parks#R#

Best established Rose at Glasgow Trials Best established Rose at Glasgow Trials
The City of Glasgow International Rose Trials

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